Telehealth Consultations

Coping with sudden pain on my wedding day
January 20, 2020
Self Isolating or Social Distancing & Working from Home
March 24, 2020

In self isolation or socially distancing – and in pain? I can still help!

Free 10 minute advice call.

  • I am the end of the phone for advice (you all know how much I like to chat) – book a free 10 minute call anytime. 07474521329.
    • Please be aware I may need to call you back when the kids aren’t screaming in my ear, so we can have a private chat
    • This is an advice call for, I won’t be able to offer specific treatment advice but I will be able to determine the seriousness of your problem and some basic advice can be so helpful. 
    • This will help to reduce the burden on the NHS.  Rather than try and book an appointment with your GP or go to A&E, give me a call first.  We can then decide the most appropriate course of action.
      • book a telehealth session,
      • see your GP
      • go into another professional health setting.

£40 30 min Telehealth Consult

telehealth consultation
  • If you are a new patient or you have a new problem and I don’t have your full history or  if you need a followup session to review and progress your treatment?  Then a Telehealth Session (30-45 min) maybe for you.
    • In a video call we are able to do so much over the phone that normally would be done in your appointment. 
    • Osteopathy isn’t just about the hands-on treatment – it’s about giving you the control back over your pain and injury through advice,  exercise prescription and pain management ideas.
    • Some of the things we can do in a telehealth session include:
      • Clinical history and catch up
      • Watch you moving in our active examinations
      • Talk about the best way to help your through nutrition and exercise prescription
      • Offer advice regarding your environment
        • Working from home
        • Sleeping
        • Exercising
      • Suggest resources to help you manage your health remotely. 
      • Listen when you need to off load and help you find techniques to help you manage stress. 
  • The practicalities
    • The cost for these calls is £40
    • Ideally you will have access to a smart phone or tablet or PC with a camera and the ability to use Skype or What’s App or Zoom (a video conferencing package).
    • It is best to be in a quiet private room. 
    • Wear comfortable leisure clothing so that i can watch your movements easily
  • If this sounds like something you would benefit from and would like to book please call me on 07474 521329