May 3, 2020
May 3, 2020

As our lower limbs absorb the shock of much of our daily activities it is not a surprise that many people will seek the help of an osteopath with joint pain such as hip, knee, ankle or foot pain.  Osteopaths will treat people who spend all day on their feet due to the nature of their employment, often with overuse injuries or degenerative changes as well as people whose sports and leisure activities have resulted in an injury to their lower leg.

An osteopath will take a holistic approach and will consider how your lower limb pain is impacting the rest of your body (or vice versa) and how you can minimise the impact of the injury. The treatment could include massage, muscle strengthening or stretching techniques, as well as joint mobilisation.

People will want to get back to their activities as quickly as possible and their osteopath will work with them to determine how they can return to work or sport, what adjustments they may need to make and how they can help their own rehabilitation.