Mum Know Best

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August 25, 2021
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We all know Mum's know best! We may not always agree with them, however I am sure that there will have been many occasions when you ran to your Mum (Gran, Nan, Aunt, big sister) crying because you had hurt yourself. Their automatic response will have been to ask what happened, check it over, rub it better and give you a hug. Perhaps if it was a bigger bump they may have applied a cold compress, or if it was a strain wrapped a bandage around it. In most cases that would have been all that was needed. A loving adult showing care and attention will help to reduce that pain. Fast forward a few years, and those of you who have regular contact with children, whether or not they are your own, I am sure that you apply the same techniques. These techniques are not dissimilar to those used by an osteopath

Mum's Questioning

  • What did you do?
  • how did you do it?
  • what were you doing when you did it?
  • where does it hurt now?
  • Does doing x,y,z....hurt?
We have all had to answer these questions. It was Mum's way of determining just what you had hurt and how seriously you hurt it. Osteopaths ask the same questions. We also ask a few more (well perhaps quite a few more) as we don't know your medical history like your Mum would, and we need to understand how today's injury relates to your previous history, and how you live your life now.

Mum's Assessment of The Damage

Your Mum will have cast an eye over you the minute you ran up to her crying, this gave her the initial clues as to how bad things were. After all if you had blood dripping down your face then she would react very differently than if you had a graze. In the same way your osteopath will watch you as you get up out of the waiting room chair, and move towards the treatment room, your movement will give them clues as to what you might be coming to see them for. Next Mum may have asked you to wiggle your fingers or toes, or show her how your leg moved. Again Osteopaths will ask you to perform a series of movements which will help us to see what is working well, and what perhaps needs some attention. Perhaps Mum then tried moving your arm or knee just to double check your injury. Osteopaths will do the same to see what your aches or pains are related to. In addition Osteopaths will use special tests if necessary to help determine what is going on. If we think you will need further investigation we will refer you to the appropriate professionals (as Mum would have done).

Mum's Secrets To Making You Better

Mums instinctively know best most of the time, and many of their tried and tested techniques will seem similar to those used by osteopaths to help you get better. OK we don't "kiss it better" - that just isn't allowed!!! But we do give it a rub - we use soft tissue massage to help loosen off tight muscles. We will also stretch you out, move your joints around (articulate them). We will also use techniques that your Mum probably didn't (unless she was an osteopath) maybe some gentle cranial or functional techniques to help improve the movement in your body. Sometimes we may use manipulation (moving the joints to help release a point of tension resulting in clicks or cracks) to help as well.

The BEST Advice

Often we will advise you (just like Mum) to keep moving (my Mum's answer to everything), or to follow an recovery plan. Remember those cold compresses, we still will recommend ice or heat if we feel it is appropriate. We may also recommend exercises that will help to stretch and strengthen you.

Mum Really Does Know Best!

So whilst all those years ago you may not have appreciated your Mum's advice when you felt your leg was badly broken, she really did probably know best. So this Mother's Day how about treating her and buying her a gift certificate so that your Osteopath can help her with any aches and pains. After all we all know that #osteopathyworks. If you would like to purchase a gift certificate please contact us at or call us on 07474 521329