Avoiding aches and pains of holiday travel

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Tips to help ease the aches and pain of holiday travel.

Avoid any holiday travel aches and pains by following these tips. If you are out and about or going away with the kids this summer, it is important to avoid those muscular pains that can occur when travelling by trains, planes and cars. Try these tips out to ensure you have a happy healthy holiday.

Travelling with Baggage

So many of my patients return from holiday with aches and pains from manhandling their luggage

Remember these tips to make sure you don't need your osteopath after your holiday

  • When you are loading your suitcase into your car or overhead luggage compartments don't swing it in from the side.
    • Avoid twisting when lifting luggage. Instead point your toes at your luggage, pick it up and then turn your entire body in towards the boot or locker.
  • Use wheeled suitcases - ideally 4 wheels because they are far more manoeuvrable
    • Dragging a suitcase along behind you results in a twist through the shoulders and lower back.
    • Suitcases tend to get caught on obstacles causing you to bend and twist awkwardly and possibly strain your back. Instead push it in front of you
    • Make the most of airport trolleys to push those heavy cases, especially if you have more than one to move.

  • Spread the load
    • Use a backpack for carrying any items you will need during your journey.
      • It should have broad padded shoulder straps.
      • Always wear both shoulder straps, as this will ensure an even distribution across your shoulders.
      • Ideally with a waist strap - which will help spread the load across your whole back.
      • Additionally you can use it as a day bag whilst away
    • Let the children carry their own bag with a few items to keep them entertained.
      • For days out pop their swimming kit, hat, packed lunch and water bottle in to it. (1 less set of kit for you to carry).

Dress appropriately.

Whilst you may have a nice jacket, trousers or dress you would like to wear, make sure it is fit for puropse. Of course, they may look great when you set out, but on arrival they will probably have suffered from the journey.

  • You may need to walk long distances to get to the platform or airport gate, comfortable supportive shoes are a must, and will be useful if you are off walking once you have reached your destination, and of course they are also bulky to pack, so wearing them will save space.
  • Loose clothing will make it easier to fidget and move around when you are stuck in your seat for a long period.
  • Layers will ensure that you can maintain a comfortable temperature - removing or adding as necessary.

Get Moving

I'm sure you have heard this many times - the more you move the less it will hurt.

Long haul journeys or traffic jams that lead to hours stuck in the car can be the undoing of many patients. The more you can get up and move around the better. Sitting for long periods can result in muscles, ligaments and joints being in a stretched position for too long, possibly straining them, inflammation can build up and pain and stiffness can follow. So from time to time get up and have a wander or stop the car and stretch your legs.

If of course you can't wander around, then these simple exercises will help to reduce the strain and stiffness.

Drink plenty of water

Stiffness and achiness are often a sign that your body is dehydrated. With this in mind it is important to keep your water intake up when travelling.

  • If you have dry lips, eyes or mouth you are already dehydrated.
  • Try to drink a glass of water every hour. Accept every offer whilst you are on the plane.
  • Carry a water bottle with you and make sure you refill it regularly.
  • You should be able to pass water every couple of hours and your urine should be the colour of straw. Any less frequently or any darker and you are dehydrated.

Of course, Yes, you will need to go to the loo the more you drink, but that isnt a bad thing (unless you are stuck in a traffic jam or nowhere near a toilet), it is a good excuse to get up and walk around the plane or train, or to pull over for a pit stop.

Book a Pre Holiday MOT

You wouldnt go on a long drive in a car that hadn't had an MOT, or without check the tyres, fuel or water levels, so why not book a pre holiday check up to make sure any niggling aches and pains are ironed out, and you have the right exercises and advice for you?

Why not book an appointment today by calling 07474521329 or book online at https://osteopathic-clinic.online/book-an-appointment