An Osteopathic Gift List

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Osteopathic gift list
Have you finished your shopping? Are you struggling for last-minute gift ideas? To help you out I have put together an osteopathic gift list of ideas for your friends and families who struggle with aches and pains, for those last-minute stocking fillers or small gifts . Of course, you could decide to buy these for your self.

Where possible I have recommended a local supplier (yes including my clinic). Please shop locally if you can, and help out those small businesses who have been working hard to keep going. I am also looking for other local businesses whose products would fit within my clinic - such as lavender wheat bags. So if you know anyone who may make these and would be interested in talking to me, please pass on my details and ask them to get in touch.

Osteopathic Gift? Spiky Massage Ball

First on my osteopathic gift list is a spikey massage ball. These may be considered an instrument of torture, or a child's or dog's toy for some people, but to an osteopath, they are a brilliant tool to help patients manage their pain.
As you apply pressure from your body onto a spiky massage ball it returns that pressure through the "spikes" into the soft tissues surrounding it, encouraging the muscles to relax and increasing the ability for blood to flow through them, helping the body to restore itself to health. To find out how to use them please read my blog

You can buy these from a well known online retailer, or if you would rather shop local I stock them in the clinic, just call me, send me an email - or a message 07474521329
osteopathic gift dog with spikey massage balls


Next up is Biofreeze, this is a great osteopathic gift of pain relief, a topical analgesic (spray or gel which will help to relieve pain) which I use in clinic.
Many patients love it. It's cooling qualities work as a counter-irritant to help block the pain nerve signals, this is called "Gate Control theory".

I stock the 118ml and 30ml (perfect handbag or stocking size) gels in the clinic or you can buy these from most local pharmacies. To order just call me, send me an email - or a message 07474521329
osteopathic gift biofreeze

Bath Salts

Bath Salts were always something I associated with my great aunts and often gave them a selection at Christmas. Today Himalayan Bath Salts and Epsom salts have had a rise in their popularity.

The medicinal use of baths salts has been recorded as far back as 2700 B.C. by the Chinese. The father of medicine, Hippocrates noticed fishermen's hands were naturally disinfected and the cracks of rough skin reduced by the constant presence of salt.

Easy to use, Epsom and Himalayan bath salts make it on to my osteopathic gift list as people like to use them to ease stiffness, muscle tension and inflammation. Some therapists recommend them to help with magnesium deficiency due to the trace amounts of minerals, such as magnesium found in these salts.
Karen, of the London Bath Factory a qualified sports massage therapist for 15 years, makes and sells
  • Himalayan pink salt with essential oils
  • Epsom Bath Salts with essential oils
  • Massage bars (100% natural) made with cocoa butter, shea butter, apricot kernal oil, beeswax and essential oils.
  • Aromatherapy bath bombs

  • She recommends the essential oil Lavender, as it is "such a versatile oil, it is believed to calm the mind as well as being a great anti-inflammatory" and uses Eve Taylor essential oils, which are excellent quality.

    The London Bath Factory also hand-make (here in Sidcup) and sell their own Bath Bombs, Bubble Bath Bars and Wands, Shampoo Bars, Whipped Shower Creams, Shower Steamers and Soap. So plenty of stocking fillers or small gifts for everyone you know.
    osteopathic gift list Himalayan bath salts

    Time Marked Water Bottle

    We all know it is important to drink enough water each day, however, how often have you got to the end of the day and realised you haven't drunk enough? I often recommend that patients have a litre bottle of water by their workspace and aim to drink it by lunchtime and then top it up and aim to drink the second litre by the end of the day.
    So how about making a time marked motivational bottle for your children or partner as a useful Christmas present? You just need a good water bottle without too much decoration and a permanent marker. I am sure you could come up with some good motivational phrases.

    In the meantime, I have had a look around for a local seller of bottles that they can personalise like this one, but have not yet found anyone who could make some for me to either recommend to patients or to sell in the clinic. So if you know anyone who would like to make me some I would be very grateful if you could pass this blog on to them so that they can get in touch.
    Hydrate water bottle

    Gift of Osteopathic Treatment

    My final item on part 1 of my osteopathic gift list is of course a gift voucher for an osteopathic treatment session to help them get out of pain and back to health. If you would like to know more or would like to order a gift voucher please contact me on 07474 521 329 or email me
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